irish creators day

Irish Creators Day at Google HQ

Hello beautiful people! I know it has been awhile since you heard from me πŸ™‚

This past week though, I had an amazing opportunity to attend a day dedicated to Irish Youtubers and I really want to share the experience with you!!

Myself and about 330 other Irish Youtubers, were invited along to visit Google HQ in Dublin for a day. I had no idea what to expect and this was the very first event of its kind.

The day was split into a series of presentations, panels and classes run by Marco, Olga and other members of the YouTube team who has traveled from London to be with us for the day!

irish creators day

It was such a crazy feeling to be in a room with so many likeminded people at the very first event of this kind. It was clear that YouTube really value their content creators and this was only the beginning for us Irish folk πŸ™‚

There were two panels on the day. The first included Melanie Murphy, Daithi De Nogla and JacksSepticEye, some of the most successful Irish Youtubers around. They spoke about how they have turned their love of creating into a full time career and all the pros and cons that go along with that. You could tell that they all put in a ridiculous amount of work and time and this hobby really isn’t for everybody. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you may need to sacrifice your alone time, social life and even the chance of a good night sleep πŸ™‚

The second panel consisted of Adanna David, Clisare, JamesMitchellTV, Sean Connolly and Cian. This was a sort of rising stars type of panel. They have all experienced great success in their own right but have yet to turn their dreams into a full time career. They spoke about what motivates them to keep going and what inspired them to start.

Both panels were amazing, and everyone involved was so open and willing to share advice they wished they had had themselves starting out on their channels.

It was also very exciting to hear about the future of Youtube and some of the changes and updates planned from 2015 that will make creating that much easier for all of us.

irish creators day

My favourite part of the day though, was the session on Audience Retention and the class on Analytics. It was cool to learn how to get your video discovered and how best to keep the viewer engaged and watching. I myself am probably guilty of droning on way too long in videos, until whoever is watching loses interest and clicks off!

We learned about how to use those weird looking graphs in analytics that can look a bit confusing at times, but are a complete wealth and knowledge and can help you understand who your viewers are and what exactly they want to see. I for one couldn’t believe how much I learned in the space of a few hours.

I loved every minute of the day and cannot wait for the next one. Hopefully, this becomes an annual event we can look forward to as their is always more to learn! A dedicated beauty panel next year would be the icing on the cake.

If you didn’t get to attend though, don’t worry, you can still learn a lot of what we were taught! It turns out that the YouTube Space in London runs free classes every month where you can find out about everything from analytics to production on a budget. The best part is that youΒ don’t need to have a certain number of subscribers to attend. You don’t even need to have a channel yet, so you can get learning before you start!

If you would like to see more, check out my vlog from the day below πŸ™‚

Until next time!


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