glossybox june 2014

Glossybox June 2014

You may or may not be aware, that a few months ago, I cancelled my Glossybox subscription. This was for several reason. It was getting a bit too much for me to spend each month of a box of random bits, said bits kept disappointing me, and then there was the issue of it being late.

ALWAYS LATE. It seemed like everyone in the world was getting theirs before me and it was quite frankly, driving me mad.

But then I heard about the Superdrug box. As we do not have Superdrug in Cork (please sort that out man!) I was very interested to see what was included. Shock horror. It arrived super late and there was no point in me blogging about it anymore. I stayed subscribed though and my June box has FINALLY arrived, so I can share with you, all the goodies it contained 🙂

glossybox june 2014

The first item I grabbed out of the box was the Schwarzkopf got2b Rise ‘N Shine soufflé. Quite the snazzy name! It comes in a cute little pot and the idea is that it gives your hair shine and volume. If you have very flat hair like myself, this is a product that would no doubt peek your interest!!

This is for use on dry hair, which I found interesting. You rub some between your hands and run it through the lengths of your hair for shine or add some to the roots and rub in with your fingers. I will have to give this a go!

Retails at £4.07 and is a full size product

glossybox june 2014

The next thing I picked out, was the rather boring looking QV Skin Lotion. No offence! It just didn’t excite me. This is yet another lotion directed at people with dry skin. I seem to get sent a lot of stuff like this from Glossybox, even though this does not apply to me. I have done the beauty profile on their site several times now, yet this always happens! Oh well 🙂

It also says this can be used as a makeup remover, so I may try it that way instead!

Retails at £6.06 for 250ml and is a 15ml sample

glossybox june 2014

Next up we have the TeeezTrend Cosmetics Beautiful Eyes Flat Stiff Brush. What a mouthful! I love, love, love when Glossybox include a tool in the box. I am not sure why. I just find, these are the things I get most use out of!

This is a brand I had never heard of, but the packaging is lovely and the brush looks very cute. It feels quite stiff indeed so could be good for packing on colour to the lid, but it also feels fairly scratchy. With the eyelids being so thin and sensitive, this may be a bit too rough for some people. The bristles are also cut very unevenly. It says they are natural hair brushes, but also says they are suitable for powder and cream shadows.

Retails at €19 and is a full size product

glossybox june 2014

Moving on, we have the So Susan Cosmetics Universal Blush. This is one of those blushes that adapts to your own skin to give you a unique shade,  that will suit you. It is a powder blush and is similar to the cream Blush Exclusif by Bourjois. I love these kinds of things 🙂 They remind me of playing with mood rings as a kid. Even though they have nothing to do with mood haha!

I still love the idea that they change depending on the person. I believe it is based on your skins pH balance or something of the sort. The blush also has UV protection and apparently reduces redness. This sounds great to me, as I love blush but already have such red skin, it can look a bit daft when I wear blush sometimes! Eager to try this one out 😀

Retails at £18 and is a full size product

glossybox june 2014

And last but not least, is the item I think I am most looking forward to trying. The Nip+Fab CC Eye Fix. This sounds like a pretty interesting idea. It is in fact an eye cream and under eye concealer in one. The shade I received is Light, so hopefully it will be right for my fair skin! Really intrigued by this one.

It allegedly, brightens under eye circles, and lifts the appearance of the eye area. It also contains beeswax to protect the delicate skin around the eye. It comes in the same pen applicator type wand as the YSL Touche Éclat, which I normally do not like, but I will ignore that for now. Will have to test this out and let you guys know!

Retails at £9.95 and is a full size product

glossybox june 2014

There you have it! That is everything I received this month 🙂 I was pretty disappointed it arrived so late, but there are at least 3 items in the box that I want to try not, so it all worked out!

I was thinking of cancelling while waiting for it to arrive, but rumour has it, next months box is a US theme! How can I not try that out?

Don’t forget, if you would like to sign up for own Glossybox, you can do so here and it costs €16.95 per month incl. shipping.

Are you already a Glossybox subscriber? How did you enjoy this months box? Let me know if we received the same items, in the comments below 🙂

Until next time!


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  • Alex And Becky June 25, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Oooh, love the Nip & Fab CC eye cream & the blush! A decent enough box…

    Alex | Pink Elephant Blog

    • June 27, 2014 at 9:31 pm

      Yea not too bad this month 🙂 Have to try out the CC cream this week!

  • LilliWhiteRose (@Lilliwhiterose) July 3, 2014 at 11:09 am

    I cancelled my subscription to Glossybox last year! This box seems pretty good, but now I really want to subscribe again for the July one 🙂

    • July 8, 2014 at 10:19 am

      Yea, I’ve cancelled once already and been thinking about cancelling again! But I am desperate to see what’s in the US box 🙂 Really hope it’s some bits we can’t normally get here!