the body shop tea tree

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

Hello all! I recently had the chance to pop along to an event at The Body Shop, which showcased some of their new release stuff and some of the upcoming pieces.

They have some great new additions for the summer, including the delicious Body Sorbets. If you haven’t tried them out yet, I recommend you go and sniff the Mango one in store. Amazing!!

The product that stuck out to me though was the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. I have not had the best luck with BB creams in the past (Thanks MAC for that ridiculous breakout), but once I smelt the Tea Tree, I knew I had to get this on my face ASAP. So is it actually any good?

the body shop tea tree

The BB Cream comes in 3 shades, Light, Medium and Dark, and it just so happened that 1 was a PERFECT match for me. Light skinned ladies rejoice!!! It comes in a dinky little squeeze tube and is a great size for chucking in your handbag or taking away with you for a long weekend.

But how does it perform? Well, I should point out that the Tea Tree range is ideal for oily skin. Do not let this put you off though! I do not have oily skin, but I do have dry skin in places and this does not cling to them or dry my skin out further. I also have extremely sensitive skin as you guys may know, and when I put this on, it literally felt like their was nothing on my face.

The beauty of the added Tea Tree is that the stuff fricking smells amazing and is also really good for your skin. If you happen to be having a spotty day, not only will this cover it up, but the Tea Tree helps to heal the spots at the same time!! I know when I am having a bit of a bad skin day, I want to cover the offending spots but end up not wearing anything instead so the skin can breathe. So this is a handy one to have in your make up arsenal 😀

the body shop tea tree the body shop tea tree

Above is the Before and After shot with just the BB Cream. No primer, concealer or powders etc. As you can probably tell, it is extremely light coverage and all my freckles are still visible, yet it evened out my skintone really well and really took down the redness on my cheeks. I must admit, I was already having a pretty good skin day that day, but even when I am not, I love the finish this stuff gives. It really is a “your skin but better” kind of product. The kind you always hear about but I personally had yet to find.

I have had this little tube for about a month now and it has been one of the only bases I have reached for, still there is plenty left. You only need a tiny amount and I find applying with my fingers to be the best option. If you don’t want to apply it all over, you can just dab some on the offending spots to get rid of the redness and let the Tea Tree work it’s magic 🙂

the body shop tea tree

It lasts pretty well throughout the day and I just add a bit of powder to my forehead. While I don’t get oily, I cannot handle the slightest rise in temperature so normally get quite sweaty headed! Gross I know, but the BB Cream seems to be able to cope with it fairly well and doesn’t slide right off my face like a lot of products. Now that we are having a few warmer days, this will be a lifesaver for me! I am a huge fan of a matte finish so that is another reason I have been reaching for this.

If you have sensitive, oily or blemish prone skin, I definitely suggest you try this out. Even if you just adore the smell of Tea Tree like I do, I would still recommend you give it a go!

A 40ml tube retails for €13.50 and is available in store now

Until next time!


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This item was a PR Sample

  • Claire Kane June 16, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    I’d say this is great for your skin but is the smell a little much all day? Tea tree is quite strong.

    • June 17, 2014 at 4:07 pm

      No the smell is actually only there when you apply it, and doesn’t stick around at all 🙂 Sorry, I should have said! When you squeeze some out of the tube, the smell is quite strong at first but I find it helps me wake up a bit in the morning when I use something that smells refreshing like that 😀

      • Claire Kane June 18, 2014 at 12:12 pm

        Sounds great! i love Tea Tree. A nice burst in the mornings!