The Spring Time Tag

Well, hello there! Today it is time for something nice and sunny here on the blog 🙂

I was tagged by the lovely Aishling and Kerrie of Sempre Sorres to take part in the springtime tag. The days are getting longer, the air is getting (slightly!) warmer and the sun is kind of shining some of time haha!

What better time than now to do a happy tag? 😀

1.  What’s your favourite nail colour for Spring?

I love pastels for Spring, as I am sure a million other girls do too! Mint has to be my absolute favourite colour for nails at this time of year though. It can be quite tricky finding one that isn’t too green or too blue though and my favourite has to be the Rimmel  Lycra Pro in Peppermint.


2.  Best drink for Spring?

Hmm…. It doesn’t exactly get warm here at this time of year, so I am still partial to a good old cup of tea no matter what the season! For a cold drink though, I love bitter lemonade with lots and lots of ice 🙂

3.  What goes on your lips in Spring?

Coral, coral and more coral! My favourite is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Kiss Me Coral which I wear all year round. Or if I am feeling particularly relaxed, just a simple lip balm or some Maybelline Baby Lips.

4.  What’s your favourite thing about Spring?

Cutting the grass. Well I don’t do it myself but I love when it gets cut! It has finally dried off enough and stopped raining long enough for the garden to be sorted out and I love the way it looks and the way it smells! Nothing quite like that refreshing fresh cut grass smell 🙂

5.  Best perfume for Spring?

I have fallen back in love with White Musk Smoky Rose from The Body Shop. Oh my god, it’s so goooood!!! Every time I walk past the bottle I feel like I have to spray some. It smells so amazing. Once this runs out, I will be heartbroken but think I will have to try White Musk Libertine next!


6.  What TV series are you watching the most at the moment?

Myself and himself have finally started watching Homeland 🙂 We started about 2 weeks ago and are almost finished Season 2.

Other than that, I am trying to get into 24 which I have never seen and we are totally addicted to The Following! I have to admit, if Joe Carroll was real and wanted me to join his cult, I would have a hard time saying no! Eeeek!!

7.  Do you wear a different colour eye shadow in Spring?

Nope! I wear whatever I feel like on the day 🙂 That used to mean bright greens, blues or reds, but these days it is mostly just neutrals.

8.  Do you change your hair for the changing season?

Again nope! My hair has been a million colours in the past and it really depends on my mood and not on the season. At the moment I am trying to avoid dying it for the first time in years! Let’s see how long I last haha! It is particularly hard since I have well over 10 random hair dyes in my possession right now…

9.  What kind of music do you listen to in Spring?

Anything goes in this house! Sometimes it’s Beyonce, other times it’s Peter Gabriel, Garth Brooks or American Head Charge. Who knows! Again this one is based more on my mood than on the season 🙂

10.  What kind of fashion items/accessories do you opt for in Spring?

I try to add a bit more col0ur in the run up to summer but I don’t always manage. I am a grey and black addict normally! However, I do have a few lovely floral dresses that I think are great for this time of the year!


And that’s it!

So what did you think of this tag? I would love for you to do it too and let me know in the comments below so I can read yours! 🙂

I tag all of you!!

Until next time!


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  • Aishling (@fluffyVW) April 30, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Oh I love that Rimmel nail varnish! I will have to go find it 😛
    I looove the smell of freshly cut grass. I already got a good whiff of some the other day hehe! I didn’t know The Body Shop done smells! I will have to drop into the shop and smell some! Steve and I watched the first season of The Following and quite liked it. We’ve fallen behind now though. Too many things to watch!
    That dress is amazing! 🙂

    • polishedandprimed@gmail.com April 30, 2014 at 11:37 pm

      We just saw the finale of season 2 today and not sure how they can possibly get a 3rd season out of it! Love it though. You should pay attention to how Kevin Bacon holds his gun next time you watch it, it’s comical!

      Have you seen Sleepy Hollow, the series? Not sure why that popped into my head but thought you might like Fringe which is my favourite show ever and the guy who plays Walter Bishop is in Sleepy Hollow which makes it really good! Not sure why I thought of that but anyway…. Random!

      The dress is from Penneys! A few years ago though 🙂

      And yes The Body Shop do smells! Really good ones actually! You should smell the men’s fragrances too. Sooooo goooood!!!

      • Aishling (@fluffyVW) May 3, 2014 at 12:52 am

        I will definitely try and get back into it! And keep an eye on his gun skills 😛

        I’m a massive Fringe fan. I’ve been watching it since the first series was on TV3! I cried when it ended! That ending OMG!!!! Sadness. Walter Bishop is one of my all time favourite characters! So so good! And I’m waiting for Sleepy Hollow to return! Love it! Mainly started watching it for John Noble! 😀 Have you seen Grimm? You might like it! I feel behind with it but we’re going to catch up soon! It has a Sleepy Hollow vibe I think.

        Ohhh Penneys does have some nice dresses! 🙂

        Can’t wait to get to The Body Shop now! I will be smelling everything hehe! 😀

        • polishedandprimed@gmail.com May 3, 2014 at 2:59 pm

          Wasn’t the last episode of Sleepy Hollow so good?! I so knew what was going to happen! I knew it! Have you seen John Noble in Good Wife and things talking in his normal Australian accent? It’s so strange! He will always be Walter to me 😀 Remember when he got lost in China town and couldn’t remember Peters phone number? I cried like a baby.

          I saw the first 2 or 3 episodes of Grimm a few years back when it started on Watch but didn’t keep up with it. Might give it another go! I need to try watching that Once Upon a Time thing as well.

          • Aishling (@fluffyVW) May 4, 2014 at 2:00 am

            Haha! We both knew something wasn’t right! He was too nice! 😀
            His australian accent is so funny! I’ve known him since Lord of the Rings and remember watching interviews and stuff of him around that time and I was like WTF!!! I had no idea haha! Australians are great at hiding their accents! Like Hugh Jackman and Anthony LaPaglia from Without a Trace!

            OMG don’t talk to me about that episode or the tears will come! And White Tulip!!!! Don’t even!!!!!

            Do give it another go! We’re going to start back at it so I’ll let you know if it gets better. Once Upon a Time is another one I’ve wanted to watch for ages! Same! 😀 I hear so much about it. I did watch a few episodes but had no idea what was going on LOL! I have to watch it from the start.

          • polishedandprimed@gmail.com May 4, 2014 at 3:27 pm

            I always forget he was in Lord of the Rings!! Yea it is shocking how many actors are Australian and manage to trick me with their accents :O Anthony LaPaglia is Australian?!?! See? He had me fooled haha!

            White Tulip 🙁 Remember when Peter sang him to sleep? And I can’t believe how much I hated Walternate but loved Walter! He was just so evil! Amazing how John Noble was able to do that and make me love one half and despise the other. He is just so awesome 😀

            Yea I tried Once Upon a Time awhile back but it was so confusing. I thought Ginnifer Goodwin was meant to be the main character so was confused when it was that fool from House. She wrecks my head!

          • Aishling (@fluffyVW) May 5, 2014 at 2:50 am

            Anthony LaPaglia has such a heavy australian accent! He went to an audition and just talked in an American accent cos he was afraid they wouldn’t take him seriously and he got the job haha! 😀

            Noooo stop with the sadness haha! I rewatched the show with my boyfriend but we didn’t watch the last season cos I didn’t want to see it end again! Will have to watch it soon though 😛 Oh the sadness! Walternate was such a bitch. He played both characters so well!

            I’ve never actually see House so that Jennifer one doesn’t bother me. But like I said I haven’t watched much of Once Upon A Time. I might start it this week!

          • polishedandprimed@gmail.com May 5, 2014 at 5:21 pm

            You’ve never seen House?!?! The first few series are awesome. It gets a bit repetitive then though.

            Still not sure how to feel about the ending of Fringe! I don’t think any ending would have been okay with me haha!

          • Aishling (@fluffyVW) May 5, 2014 at 7:52 pm

            I remember trying to watch House and kept falling asleep LOL! I was doing a course at the time and was up very early and House was on in the evenings so it was bad timing! I meant to go back and watch it but never did. I did hear it got repetitive though. Who does that Jennifer one play? Is she not a great character or is it just the actress herself? 😛

            OMG I’m terrible with endings. I was like that with Lost as well. I was obsessed and I still don’t know how to feel about the ending! I still love it though and like you said with Fringe you don’t want those things to end and love them so much so nothing is good enough! xD

          • polishedandprimed@gmail.com May 5, 2014 at 9:32 pm

            I only saw the Jennifer one in House and she was such a whingebag in it! So I now associate the character with her and can’t hack watching her in anything. Like Steve can’t stand watching her or the one who played Olivia in Fringe because they both annoyed him so much haha!

  • Kerrie O'Neill May 1, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    I have to try that lipgloss! and Ash I remember when mammy used to buy White Musk back in the day 😀 I must go in and smell that rose one I think I might like it. I feel like I saw a photo of that dress before but never in person, Love it 🙂

    • polishedandprimed@gmail.com May 2, 2014 at 1:50 am

      Revlon lip products are awesome! Love loads of them 🙂 If you smell the smoky rose from the bottle it smells like curry powder but spray it on yourself and let it set. Smells totally different then and so good! Not sure why it has a curry smell initially but don’t let it put you off 😀