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Budget Beauty Buys – Rimmel, Revlon and Sally Hansen

Oh my. Once again, I seem to have allowed a few weeks to go by “sans” blog post. My head just hasn’t been in it for awhile, but I’m back now and thought I would ease myself back in with a quick haul post!!

I popped into Dealz (Poundland) earlier today and picked up some pretty decent budget beauty buys.

First up, were these cute little Glam Eyes HD eyeshadow quads from Rimmel London!! I think there were about 6 colour options on offer but the 3 below are the ones that caught my eye.

budget beauty buys budget beauty buys

The sets I picked up were 001 Black Cab, 003 Royal Blue and 006 Purple Reign. I love that they come with the guide on the back so you can see how each colour was intended to be used. However, as all the colours have a bit of shimmer in them, I will most likely be mixing and matching these with some mattes rather than using them all at once.

budget beauty buys

I’m not entirely sure that these are the real deal but we shall see! I’ll be testing them out on the back of my hands before they make it anywhere near my eyes.

The last 2 things I picked up, were nail polishes. Typical!!!

budget beauty buys budget beauty buys

The one on the left is Revlon Chroma Chameleon in Aquamarine which I believe was only released this year and is available in Boots right now for €9.15. How I got my hand on it for less than a third of that price, I haven’t a clue! They have a few other shades on offer so I may have to run back for more.

The last item is the Sally Hansen Magnetic nail colour in Ionic Indigo. I believe this was the only shade available, or at least I didn’t spot any others. This is a magnetic polish as the name suggests and comes with a little magnet on the lid. I know magnetic polishes are nothing new at this stage but I am still pretty excited to try it out!

All of the items I picked up today cost €1.49 each!! 

I must say I am pretty pleased with these finds. Have you come across any great bargains like this lately? I would love to know in the comments!!

Until next time!


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  • Emma (fluff and fripperies) December 11, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Ah you really can’t beat Dealz! Love all your picks – such bargains 🙂

    • polishedandprimed@gmail.com December 12, 2013 at 11:16 pm

      They have some handy bits and pieces alright! 🙂