illamasqua alter ego

Illamasqua Alter Ego Mystery Selection!

It’s that time again folks! Mystery box time :). This round, it is the turn of the Illamasqua Alter Ego box!

If you haven’t seen my last mystery box post you can check it out here first or check out the video reveal! You may have seen yesterday on my YouTube channel that I have already opened up this  Alter Ego box, but if not, you check out what I received right here and see the finished look I created with the contents!

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

As with the last box, you can see from the cover that two items are not so much of a mystery! The first of these is the Liquid Metal cream pigment in Elysium. As I already received one of these in the Eyes and Nails box, I have no clue how I will ever make it through both! You really get a lot of product with this one. If you don’t already know, this is a gorgeous gold cream that can be used on the eyes, face or anywhere you like really!

Along with that, you also get a neon pink nail polish called Collide. I was worried this would be streaky like the neon orange polish called Gemma which I received in the last box. However, this proved to be far less opaque and streaky but I would say a minimum of 3 coats is needed to get the colour shown in the bottle.

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

Now on to the surprise items! The best (or sometimes worst) part of a mystery box is the mystery after all! So let’s get on with it.

The strangest thing I received was a powder blusher in the shade Intrigue. This is a completely WHITE powder and I am completely confused as to who would wear this as a blush. I cannot think of a single skin tone this would suit if used as suggested! However, I can see it being useful as a finishing powder or an all over base for a more dramatic look. This would use up a lot of the product though so I chose to use it as an eyeshadow base and a brow highlight instead!

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

You do get a good amount of this product though which you will see in the comparison between that and the next product. Which is an eyeshadow! A gorgeous bright purple eyeshadow in fact called Fallen. This is definitely one of the big hits of the box and is a great quality, highly pigmented shadow. As all Illamasqua shadows I have tried so far proved to be :).

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

The final two items were lip products and probably my favourite things in the box! First up was an Intense Lipgloss in the shade Fume. This is an amazing deep red shade in the tube but after applying it seems to turn more of a raspberry shade and is a bit sheer. When I went to put it on, it was horribly sticky but after just a minute or two, it had a gloriously creamy feeling and the colour is intense but very wearable. Absolutely stunning and incredibly pigmented for a gloss! I also love the packaging of this. It is just so cute and sleek looking.

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

Last but not least was a beautiful coral red lipstick called Ignite. I really didn’t think this would suit me but I was actually quite happy with the results! It is again, ridiculously pigmented! Sadly though, it was a bit drying on the lips so I would recommend using a lip balm before you apply this one. The packaging on this is so simple but so beautiful at the same time and the lipstick had a nice scent. Definitely a hit in my book.

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

Drum roll please! Time for the finished look! I tried it with both lip products and it is definitely more wearable with the gloss but would work with either really.

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

I used Intrigue as the base and brow highlight, followed by Elysium on the lid and in the inner corner. I then used Fallen in the crease and blended it out before popping a small bit under the eye.

Here it is with Ignite.                                                          And here with Fume.

illamasqua alter ego illamasqua alter ego

Which do you guys prefer?! Please let me know what you think of the finished look and if you have tried out one of these mystery boxes yourself! If you haven’t yet, both boxes are available from Debenhams and Sephora online and in store.

This box set me back €23 but it is normally €46 and the contents are worth around €110. So all in all a great deal and I was quite happy with what I received! Let me know in the comments below if your box had different items :).

Until next time! xxxx

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  • Sarah BeautyWithBrushes October 8, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    Off to debenhams I go to fin out more about these!! I love when to postman brings presents 🙂

    • October 8, 2013 at 10:50 pm

      I hope they still have them! I know at one stage they were gone online but still in stock in the shop 🙂

  • Belle Morte Beauty (@BelleMorteBlog) November 11, 2013 at 12:44 am

    I’m raging I missed these when they were on sale for half price! 🙁 I’m a huge Illamasqua fan but their stuff can be v. pricey. Is it long ago since you got this? Looks like you got a really nice selection – I’ve seen some with brown lip gloss and yellow lip liner.. you did alright! 😀

    You could try the white powder with a very light touch as a highlighter – good for pale skin to make it pop if you’re contouring. Though using it as a matte white eye base or brow bone highlighter is perfect too 🙂

    Belle Morte Beauty

    • November 11, 2013 at 1:15 pm

      The white powder has come in handy for highlighting, and over the Halloween period it was great! I just thought it was strange they have it labeled as a blush!

      It’s awhile since I got these now but just this week I saw the eyes and nails mystery box in Debenhams! And it was still half price!! So you might be in luck if you can pop in and have a look 🙂