vaseline spray and go

Vaseline Spray And Go Cocoa Butter Moisturiser

Finally, a moisturiser for the super lazy lady like myself! I love the soft feeling the regular Vaseline Cocoa Butter Moisturiser gives my skin but more often then not, I am simply not bothered enough to slap it on! It is time consuming and I am just not willing to sacrifice those 5 minutes of my life everyday.

Then, along came a little miracle. In the form of Vaseline Spray And Go Moisturiser!

vaseline spray and go vaseline spray and go

This stuff is so handy and so easy to use. I love the packaging and it fits in your bag and there is no risk of spillage so it is great to take on holiday and not worry about when you shove it in your suitcase! The instructions on this one are pretty straight forward. You literally just Spray and Go! The name really says it all :).

vaseline spray and go vaseline spray and go

The formula seems to be a bit different to the usual lotion and it is a lot more watery but I guess it needs to be in order to spray! It feels almost like a milk in a way which means it is lovely and smooth, creamy and not at all greasy or sticky :). You can see above that I spray a small amount on my arm. A little REALLY goes a long way with this stuff as it is so liquidy and spreads really easily. A quick rub into the skin and you can see it is dried in! This took 5 seconds tops and is so much faster than the thicker formula!

If you are in a rush or just lazy like me, this is definitely the moisturiser for you. There are a few drawbacks though. Firstly, the smell. It is almost the same as the usual cocoa butter version but for me there was a slight smell of alcohol from the spray version. Alcohol is not listed as an ingredient but if you have ever had a Baby Guinness and you give this stuff a whiff, you will know what I mean!

The second drawback is value for money which for me was a major turn off. The usual bottle of 400mls is €6.99 in Boots. This little bottle is only 190mls and cost a whopping €6.15. So almost the same price for less than half the product! This to me seems incredibly ridiculous and overpriced. Having said that though, I guess if I am more likely to use this version, it is better than spending 7 quid on the 400ml bottle I never bother to use.

All in all, I will probably buy this again if it is on offer, just for convenience sake. And if you have never had a baby Guinness, I am sure you will think it smells quite nice :P!

If you want to try it out, it is available in most Boots and Superdrug stores and online here.

Until next time! xxxx

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