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Illamasqua Eyes & Nails Mystery Selection Box!

Hi guys!

Today I thought I would pop up a post that revisits one of the videos I posted to my channel last month. The video was an unboxing of the awesome Illamasqua Eyes & Nails Mystery Selection. As you can probably tell from the title of this post!! 🙂

The reason I am only posting about this now, is because I had not started my blog at the time the video was made. But I have now gotten my hands on a second Illamasqua mystery box and thought it best to let you know about the first one before I crack the next one open!

illamasqua mystery box

This particular box cost me €20. I am sure you know, this is fantastic value for 6 full size products! I grabbed mine from Debenhams in the sale, where it was on offer for the half the usual €40 price. The items however are worth a grand total of €107.60. Talk about a bargain!

Let’s start with the two items which were not a mystery.

illamasqua mystery box

First up is Liquid Metal in Electrum

illamasqua mystery box illamasqua mystery box

This is a gorgeous antique gold coloured cream that can be used anywhere on the face or body. Obviously, the first instinct I had was to use this on my eyes and the results were lovely! The texture is a bit wet but creamy and it applies easily just with your fingers. The pigmentation is fantastic but when you first put it on, it does feel a little sticky while drying.

Next up is Precision Ink in Glister

illamasqua mystery box illamasqua mystery box

Now this is very handy indeed. Not only can this be used on the face, as eyeliner or just for doodling, it can also be used as a nail art pen. It is waterproof also and long wearing as an eyeliner and can make a fun change from black or brown! It is described as an opalescent nude but I found it had quite a pink tinge and a little bit of colour changing shimmer which was purple when the light hit it. Simply put, this is stunning on the eyes.

Onto the MYSTERY ITEMS!!!!!

Powder Eyeshadows

As you can tell from the fact is an eyes and nails box, you receive two mystery eyeshadows and two mystery nail polishes.

illamasqua mystery box illamasqua mystery box illamasqua mystery box

The creamy white shade I received is Control. The is could to use as a highlight on some skin tones and comes in handy as a base for brighter colours.

illamasqua mystery box

The lovely olive green shade I got is called Flasher. This is lovely on and can actually be used with the Liquid Metal I received to create a lovely warm look and it works well with my hazel eyes!

illamasqua mystery box

Both of these shadows are highly pigmented and were long wearing when applied over a primer. However, I was unable to track these shades down on the Illamasqua site so am not sure if these are exclusive to the mystery box, only available instore or discontinued! Sorry!!!!

Nail Polishes

A bit of a hit and miss situation with these babies.

illamasqua mystery box

The miss of the two was Gemma. What a disaster! This was a horribly watery and streaky neon orange. The shade was not the problem, just the quality of the polish. The second it had dried on my nails, I had to remove it as the streakiness was appalling and not something I could live with for more than 5 minutes!

illamasqua mystery box

The absolute HIT of the entire box for me was Jan. This did not seem to be the same formula as Gemma (thank god for that) and is now one of my favourite polishes. It is a lovely light lilac shade and although the first coat had some streaking, the second coat quickly fixed that and the result was nothing short of glorious.

illamasqua mystery box illamasqua mystery box

The verdict: All in all, I think this purchase was a success! There was only one product in the whole lot that just wasn’t for me. At less than a fifth of what you would normally pay for the items separately, this was incredible value for money and I can’t wait to open my next mystery box from Illamasqua!

The boxes are both available from Debenhams in Ireland and the UK and are currently half price in the summer sale :). I believe in the US, you can grab these boxes in Sephora stores!

If you would like to check out the accompanying video I made last month and get a closer look at the products, you can do so here!

Stay tuned for my upcoming Illamasqua Alter Ego unboxing and as always, feel free to follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or anything else by clicking the little icons on the right side of my main page :D.

Until next time! xxxx

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  • AineBeirne October 8, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Hey there, I am absolutely loving the look of that Precision Ink in Glister. It sounds/ looks like the perfect little makeup pick-me-up for Autumn. I may just have to treat myself sometime soon haha.


    • October 8, 2013 at 6:58 pm

      Yea it’s really nice! Very unusual. Looks so different depending how the light catches it 🙂