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They have finally landed! Maybelline Baby Lips Ireland Release

Well ladies and gents… At last they have arrived! After waiting for what feels like decades, the now infamous Maybelline Baby Lips have arrived on Irish soil!

maybelline baby lips maybelline baby lips maybelline baby lips

“Officially” launched today in Boots, but not yet on the shelves, it seems I was not the only one in Cork desperate to try them out. Much to my dismay, when I popped in to pick up the range, Hydrate was already sold out! I have only come away with 5 of the 6 available but for now that will have to do me :). Even though they are not on the shelves in some stores, you can still ask as I did and they should have them available, awaiting display!

Let’s kick off with my personal favourite, Peach Kiss!

maybelline baby lips peach kiss maybelline baby lips peach kiss 032

It may seem strange of me to pick a favourite so fast but just wait until you smell this. It is DIVINE. The most delicious fruity, tropical scent. Not exactly peach, but who am I to argue. It looks a funny kind of brown colour in the tube but once you apply it, this transforms into an amazing creamy peach tone that is extremely subtle but very flattering!

Next up we have Cherry Me.

maybelline baby lips cherry me maybelline baby lips cherry me maybelline baby lips cherry me

Now I am not a fan of cherry scents at the best of times, but this smells particularly artificial. If Barbie were to wear a lipstick, THIS is how I imagine it would smell. A cherry and almond tart.  A tad too far on the sickly side for me! It appears in the tube to be quite a deep reddish pink. However, when you apply it, the colour is very subtle, almost totally sheer. It gives your lips a very healthy tint and looks a whole lot better than it smells!

The final tinted balm is Pink Punch. 

maybelline baby lips pink punch maybelline baby lips pink punch maybelline baby lips pink punch

This one has the most amazing smell. It is so sweet and fruity and seems so familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on where I know it from! If there are testers for these in stores, I can imagine there would be a queue just to give this one a sniff. I see it becoming very addictive! In terms of colour,  this couldn’t be more Barbie pink if it tried. Once you pop it on your lips though, the pink is a lot more subtle but still visible. This is the most girly shade in the collection and while not normally a fan of a pink lip, I think this will fast become an essential in my handbag :).

Moving onto the clear balms, we have Mint Fresh.

maybelline baby lips mint fresh maybelline baby lips mint fresh maybelline baby lips mint fresh

As you can probably guess from the name, this smells like mint. Well… It does and it doesn’t! Personally, I can barely smell the minty freshness but I can certainly feel the menthol kicking in when I put it on! There is just no beating that tingly feeling you get when you apply a lip product that contains menthol or peppermint. For me, it’s what makes the Revlon Lip Butters so amazing. When you apply Mint Fresh, there will be no surprises when I say it comes out clear. However, the dewy glow it gives is just as good as the tints from the above balms. As a handy bonus, this also has SPF 20 so is perfect for protecting your lips from the summer heat!

Last but not least is Intense Care!

maybelline baby lips intense care maybelline baby lips intense care maybelline baby lips intense care

I have heard several people say that this balm has a cherry almond scent. To be honest, it took a lot of effort to pick up on that scent. This to me has a hint of lemon thrown in also which masks the cherry smell. It makes for a strange mix but is much easier to tolerate than Cherry Me! This balm was especially silky feeling when applied. Even more so than the others, if that is possible! As with the Mint Fresh and the Hydrate which I was unable to try, this contains SPF 20, so is going to take great care of your lips in summer months. Again this goes on clear but still feels and looks amazing :).

All in all, I have to say I am incredibly impressed by these. DO BELIEVE THE HYPE! It would appear that this time it is 110% accurate ;).

It goes without saying that the packaging for these balms is what will get most of us hooked initially. It is shockingly cute and although a bit childish, I don’t see how anyone will be able to resist adding a bit of fun like this to their bag! The formula is magnificent and they glide on like BUTTER. Not in a yucky, greasy way, but in an OMIGOD IT’S SO SOFT kinda way!

They allegedly keep your lips moisturised for up to 8 hours but I will need more than a day to see if that really is the case :). I sure hope so!

Available now in most Boots stores, these retail for €4.49 each and as with most things, they are included in the 3 for 2 offer! My advice would be to run out and grab them immediately.

And if you see Hydrate on your travels, be sure to leave one behind for me!!

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Until next time! xxxx

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