How about a spot of shopping? Sephora Haul!

Hello all and welcome to my very first blog post!

You guys may already know me from my YouTube channel but if not, you can check it out here :).

I figured I would just go ahead and dive straight in with a good old haul post for you all. As you may or may not know, myself and my other half recently took a short trip to Prague for his birthday. I did a little research before we headed off and found out they have several Sephora stores over there!

As we don’t have that here in Ireland, I was beyond excited to go and take a nose around. And you can see below, I managed to grab quite a lot of stuff and was happy as larry!

sephora haul

The first few things I grabbed were Sephora and own brand and quite small, but still worth a mention. I came away with four of their creamy body wash pod samples which smell DELICIOUS. At €1 a pop, they better smell damn good! I have yet to try these but have high hopes as I spent about half an hour in the store sniffing the damn things! The ones I settled on were, Coconut, Vanilla, Mango and Caramel. YUM!

creamy body wash

Next, I picked up a tie dye nail polish top coat. I believe this was around €5. Now I have not yet mastered this, but the premise is that it will give your nails a nice ombre/tie dye effect if used correctly. More importantly, you can use this over any polish colour and don’t need to use Sephora polishes!

sephora tie dye top coat

I then picked up a Benefit, They’re Real mascara. Finally! I know, I am so behind the times. But better late than never. This cost €26 so no real saving made.

benefit they're real mascara

Always one on the lookout for a bargain, the next 2 things I grabbed were of course reduced. The first of which is the YES To Carrots, Rich Moisture Day Cream. I picked this up at 70% off, for €5 instead of the usual €18 I believe! This has a lovely creamy texture and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the pump form as opposed to the jar. So much handier says I!

yes to carrots rich moisture day cream

I also grabbed the very last Ciaté Velvet Manicure set in the store. I picked up the navy version and I have to say, I can hardly wait to try this out and make an awful mess :). This cost me something like €9 instead of €13 at 30% off.

ciate velvet manicure 050

Now… Brace yourselves lads. The reason I went looking for Sephora in the first place, was to hunt down some Nars bits and pieces. AND OH BOY. I would say I was successful :).

First off, I grabbed SEVEN Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils. I know, I know. Overkill, but they were just so gorgeous! Too lovely to leave behind. Ordinarily, all of these products are around €26 but I managed to get some of them for as little as €18. All in all, I was more than happy with my spoils!

The Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils I got were Cythére, Frivolous, Club Mix, New Lover, Buenos Aires, Hopi and More. I have swatched them all for you below!

nars velvet gloss lip pencil
nars velvet gloss lip pencil
nars velvet gloss lip pencil
Club Mix
nars velvet gloss lip pencil
New Lover
nars velvet gloss lip pencil
Buenos Aires
nars velvet gloss lip pencil
nars velvet gloss lip pencil

Next, all almost last, (I promise!), I picked up 2 of the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Only 2! The lucky chosen ones were Sex Machine and Cruella.

nars velvet matte lip pencil
Sex Machine
nars velvet matte lip pencil

Finally, I tackled the lip glosses. A collection is never complete without a touch of lip gloss! Again, I restrained myself in this section and only grabbed Chihuahua, Rose Gitane, Risky Business and Norma. I am sure you are proud of my show of self control!

nars lip gloss
Rose Gitane
nars lip gloss
nars lip gloss
Risky Business
nars larger than life lip gloss

And that my friends, concludes my first ever post on this blog. There is a YouTube video up on my channel to go along with this post and it even includes a few more bits and pieces if you can believe it!

I hope you enjoyed this post, but sure to tell me what you think and check out my about section above if you have not done so already! I am sure you will want to know more about this girl with an already clear make up OBSESSION.

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Until next time! xxxx

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